Eight Weeks Paid By Us

What else can we say?  It’s true!  It’s a little tribute to our dads mixed with our love for this incredible city!  Every new Mitsubishi on the lot is not only coming with the BEST warranty in the world during June, but it is coming with cash in your hand!  Swing on in, and see the difference 100 years in business makes!

Preventable Epic Fails…..

This month’s story comes to us from Jessy Beaudry, an automotive technician in Sudbury, Ontario. It reinforces the importance of paying attention to warning lights in your instrument cluster, and not ignoring them until next time your ride happens to be in the shop.

Beaudry shares a story about a customer who drives a Chevrolet Cobalt. The customer’s car arrived in a non-drivable state, as the engine wouldn’t start. An expensive engine replacement followed, with a hefty bill. Thing is, as Beaudry discovered in a conversation with his customer, this should have been a considerably less expensive job.

Beaudry’s customer wasn’t in the practice of checking vital fluids like coolant or oil, and apparently, wasn’t in the practice of checking the instrument cluster for warning lights either.

“We had a conversation about what we would do for this customer. They needed a new engine, plain and simple. This one had been driven for days, or maybe more, with a blown head gasket, and engine coolant and oil contaminating one another.”

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Selling House, Land, Real Dinosaurs and 350 Project Cars in BC!!

tappen scrapyard

Hunt some dinosaur infested waters and refurbish one car for every day you have left on earth for only 1.45 million dollars!  The land sits alongside B.C.’s White Post Auto Museum and is only a few minutes’ drive from Shuswap Lake — which is rumored to shelter a 25-foot prehistoric monster known as the ShuswaggiCryptozoologists believe the beast to be a surviving basilosaurus, meaning there could be an entire family of ancient whales for you to hunt when you aren’t organizing row after row of mid-century automobiles. Of course, if you aren’t into cryptid spotting, mentioning old Shuswaggi could also be a good way to haggle down the price. The Truth About Cars has the full story HERE.

Buying a Pre-Owned Car with Mods

Vehicle modification is the core of a multi-million-dollar industry, an entire automotive scene, thousands of Canadian drivers have modified their vehicles with custom suspension components, wheels, performance parts, electronics, and more. Many of them enjoy their ride with no issue.  We have many Lancer drivers that modify their vehicle, and belong to mod clubs, quite often their trade in has the same!

Thing is, not all modifications, or modified vehicles, are built the same. Purchasing a vehicle that ‘looks fancy’ to the unqualified, untrained eye can cause headaches and ongoing issues due to low quality parts, and poor installation.

Here are a few to look out for when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle with modifications:

Here, you can see the difference in lighting output and saturation after installing a drop-in xenon lighting kit. Note the whiter, farther-reaching light and reduced dark spots on the road ahead.

Drop-in xenon lighting kits, light-bars, tinted bulbs, LED headlights, tinted lenses and even aftermarket fog or rally lamps are popular across multiple vehicle genres, and especially with off-roaders, and compact import tuners. With the goal of increasing lighting output, generating a more upscale after-dark lighting signature and dialing up the looks, presence and functionality of a ride, the popularity of non-factory lighting upgrades has exploded in recent years.

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Get Your Car Ready for Summer?

Why does no-one ever talk about preparing for sundrenched drives?  Getting your car winter ready articles are a dime per dozen!  Check out what you can do to ensure that you are ready for the sun!

Image result for bald tires


Tires have an enormous impact on performance and safety, and they’re one of the few components on your vehicle that can kill you if you ignore them. A worn or underinflated set of tires can be detrimental to handling and braking and can lead to blow-outs on the highway. If you own winter and summer tires, inspect both sets of rubber as you swap them out for Continue reading “Get Your Car Ready for Summer?”

How Do You Know if You Need an Alignment?

  • Does the steering wheel pull to the left or the right?
  • Are your tires wearing unevenly?
  • If you let go of the wheel on a straightaway, does your car steer straight? Or does it steer into oncoming traffic or the towards the shoulder?

If your vehicle is out of alignment, it can end up costing you hundreds in tires.  The tread on your tires will look off, and eventually, and preventabley, you will have to change one or more of your tires!  Especially with the potholes and uneven roads of Saint John in your way!

A little background about your alignment:

No matter how advanced, expensive or run-of-the-mill your ride is, the wheel alignment (not to be confused with wheel balance) is basically related to three settings:

Toe – front and rear wheels are never adjusted to track perfectly parallel paths. If they were, Continue reading “How Do You Know if You Need an Alignment?”

5 Critical Fluids You Should Always Check in your Car!

Engine Coolant

Almost every vehicle has made this a very easy check with the use of translucent reservoirs with cold and hot level marks that let you verify the correct amount at a glance. The level in these plastic bottles will vary with engine temperature. Cold engines will see the level at the lower mark and warm engines will have coolant up to the hot mark. If you overfill these bottles the extra coolant will simply leak out the top of the overflow bottle when the engine is fully warmed up.

If the bottle has a pressurized screw-on cap, treat it like a radiator cap; never try to open one on a warm or hot engine. The resulting eruption of hot coolant can cause some very nasty burns. If you have pets, be very careful to clean up any coolant spills and store it out of reach. Most coolant has a sweet odour and taste but can be lethal in small amounts for dogs or cats. As with any fluid for your vehicle, verify the correct type by checking the owner’s manual – or call your friendly neighbourhood Mitsubishi expert at 634-1765! Continue reading “5 Critical Fluids You Should Always Check in your Car!”

Car Repairs – to DIY or not to DIY?

Flow with the Fluids

Checking fluid levels is, without exception, the easiest task and one that automakers make efficient with no tools required. It only takes a few minutes to find and verify basic items such as engine oil, coolant, brake, washer, and power-steering fluids on most mainstream vehicles. For engine-oil checks, pull the dipstick before starting the engine in the morning (if the car’s parked on a relatively level grade). This way you won’t have to wipe the stick and reinsert it but simply take the reading on the first pull.

Let There Be Light

Replacing bulbs is probably the repair item least likely — yet easiest — to be completed by vehicle owners. Most bulbs are accessed from the backside of the lamps, and often headlamp-bulb replacement is made easier by either removing the entire lamp or whatever engine bay component is jammed up against it, such as the battery or coolant reservoir. If you don’t have Continue reading “Car Repairs – to DIY or not to DIY?”

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