Get Your Car Ready for Summer?

Why does no-one ever talk about preparing for sundrenched drives?  Getting your car winter ready articles are a dime per dozen!  Check out what you can do to ensure that you are ready for the sun!

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Tires have an enormous impact on performance and safety, and they’re one of the few components on your vehicle that can kill you if you ignore them. A worn or underinflated set of tires can be detrimental to handling and braking and can lead to blow-outs on the highway. If you own winter and summer tires, inspect both sets of rubber as you swap them out for seasonal duty. Even if you use all-season tires, check for bubbles in the sidewalls (usually a sign of broken belts in the tire’s carcass), uneven wear, or visible wear bars. If you see any of the above, replace the tire.  Unsure if your summer tires are fit for duty?  Swing by and ask Matt to break out his tire gauge to show you the wear on your tires!  DID YOU KNOW?  Driving a vehicle out of alignment can wear all four tires unevenly?  Save the danger for that mean game of washer toss!  Alignment checks at Loch Lomond Mitsubishi are free!  We will even give you the printed out report that displays each tires’ alignment!

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Brake pads often suffer extreme thermal cycling — massive temperature changes due to the high heat of use meeting with freezing water or deep puddles. Removing your wheels often helps with a brake inspection. If you’re technically inclined, remove your brake pads and check them for significant wear and cracking; if you’re not, swing in for a brake check! Remember – winter traffic is slow and hard on your brakes – a summer check up is key to ensure that Jack Frost didn’t play tricks on your pads and rotors!


It’s time to give some love to your baby!  High pressure wash the salt and trapped sand from these crazy Saint John roads to prevent further damage!  Think of this way:  everything from your brake lines to your engine gets blasted by a constant barrage of salt, ice, water, sand, and general filth during the winter months.  Don’t ignore your wheel wheels OR the engine bay!

#4 – LUBE IT UP!

Checking your oil is impertaive to ensure a smooth ride – so whip out your dipstick and have a peek!  If it’s still a pleasant shade of amber and meets the fill mark, you’re fine. If it’s amber but low, top it off. If it’s black and nasty, change it ASAP!


Inspect your coolant level and coolant mix. The overflow or radiator tank should be full, and a coolant tester available at any auto parts store will tell you if the water to ethylene glycol ratio (the green or orange stuff) needs to be adjusted for maximum cooling. Change your coolant at least once a year for maximum performance! Just make sure that Fido isn’t around if you spill some — dogs love glycol’s sweet flavor, but it’s toxic if ingested.


Power-steering fluid is often overlooked in general servicing, but it’s important to keep it topped off and clean. Low steering fluid can lead to increased steering effort and premature failure of your power steering pump; dirty fluid can lead to premature failure of the entire system, which is never cheap to fix.  If it’s dark brown have the power steering system flushed and refilled.  If you are unsure how to check it – Loch Lomond Mitsubishi would be happy to have a peek!

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Like most rubber products, wiper blades are usually designed to work best in a specific temperature range. Blades formulated for warm weather are different — more flexible and efficient but often less durable — from those designed for winter. Winter blades tend to be more flexible at lower temperatures but too soft at high temperatures, leading to premature failure. Most blades also take a beating in winter while scraping over jagged ice buildup. No matter how expensive your winter blades might have been, they’re very likely worn out and streaking by spring. Greater visibility equals greater safety and less stress, and wiper blades are cheap insurance.

Get a FULL Summer Check Up at Loch Lomond Mitsubishi for only $69.95!  Book Now HERE!

**credit:  Jason Grass and Jalopnik




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